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Energy Efficiency of New Homes Today

Do you live in an energy efficient home?  In today’s market there are many programs that strive to ensure new homes are energy efficient for the environment.   And, most TX home builders employ “green” programs to provide efficiency in new homes to the consumer.

Darling’s Green Built program is truly top of the line because it allows for regionally specific green building construction protocols. The homes under this program are constructed on standards specifically modified to fit climate zones for the Dallas/Fort Worth area as well as the Gulf Coast climate that Houston homeowners feel.

So….what does that mean for you, the home buyer, when shopping for new homes in Texas?  Here are just a few benefits of living in a Green Built, energy efficient home.
1. Energy and Resource Efficiency
• Reduce utility bills and keep a consistently balanced temperature
• Low-E windows reduce outdoor noise and help control the outside temperature inside your home
• Ability to control the temperature in your home more efficiently – to suit your comfort level

2. Durability and Moisture Management
• Enjoy a tightly sealed home for a more efficient air conditioning system
• Protect your home (inside and out) from extreme temperatures
• Minimize maintenance typically associated with weather elements

3. Improved Air Quality
• Breathe clean indoor air
• Increase your comfort with even temperatures and air flow
• Proper ventilation reduces moisture and humidity in your home
• Return air in all bedrooms aid in balanced room pressure

4. Enhanced Water Conservation
• Lower your utility bill
• Enjoy landscaping designed to last longer and reduce maintenance

So whether you are looking for a new home in Houston or a new home in Dallas, we take the art and science of building a home seriously and you’ll notice the Darling difference from the moment you walk through the door!