Decor Refresh: Keeping Model Homes on Trend

As trends in housing change, homebuilders strive to keep models and decor up-to-date for interested homebuyers. When Darling Homes decided to update their American Classic series model in Woodforest, a community in Montgomery, they turned to Wendy Mitchell of Millennium Designs, Inc.

Mitchell works with homebuilders, like Darling Homes, to keep model homes looking fresh, trendy and ready to sell. It’s her job to go through the home with company representatives, discussing budget, paint, furniture and artwork. They decide, together, what has to go and what can stay during the updating process.

“The idea is to make it more current with what’s trending today,” Mitchell said. Mitchell said the client also focuses on specific demographics, and it’s her job to get decor to match that target audience.

After walking through the American Classic series model home and hearing the company’s desires, Mitchell compared that to what she believed needed to change, put together a presentation and agreed with the Darling Homes on what they were going to alter.

In the Woodforest model home, Mitchell said one of the biggest differences was repainting the interior.

“The walls were kind of a gold, so with trends changing that was one of the things that needed to change. It needed to be lighter and brighter,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said other key focal points were swapping artwork for more modern pieces, replacing the kitchen backsplash to a subway tile and getting new drapery in dining areas to make the rooms flow. New light fixtures were also added to certain rooms, like the dining room, to update the area.

The goal — both for the homebuilders and Mitchell, as a designer — is to make the home feel like it’s ready to live in so those who come in seeking homes can envision a life there.

“We want it to feel current and relevant,” Mitchell said. In a refresh of a model, Mitchell uses some existing elements in the home to stay on budget while changing things around. Artwork, lamps and rearrangement of accessories and furniture are good ways to change the flow of the home without having to buy all new material.

Depending on the scale of the refresh, Mitchell said the work can take anywhere from 48 hours to around 5 weeks. Projects that focus on decluttering or changing small things are fast, while more labor intensive plans take more time to plan and execute.

One way Mitchell often updates a model is by simply taking out old accessories and making sure furniture is arranged so people who want to tour can get an idea of the floor plan for their own needs.

“It’s like Christmas every time you install a model. It’s a lot of fun, very gratifying and you get to see the fruits of your labor very quickly,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said she always enjoys working with Darling Homes, and that her focus in designing, whether from scratch or a refresh, is always to get the best finished product for her client.

“We stay open-minded and listen to clients. When it comes to design, I think never say never is a good rule,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell’s refresh of the model at Woodforest is complete and ready for visitors to tour. The model is located at 102 Jackson Park, Montgomery, TX 77316. Interested in visiting? Call 936-447-2459 for more information on the Woodforest community or schedule a tour today.