New Gadgets and Technology for Your Home

Now that you’ve found your dream home with the help of Darling Homes, what comes next? For a lot of people, the answer to personalizing their new residence may come in the form of technology. With new gadgets and technology coming out every year, more homeowners are embracing smart tools from digital assistants to helping keep your house safe and secure.

Staying organized

When it comes to running a busy household, we all could use a hand from time to time. Technology has produced gadgets like the Roomba to help keep homes clean, but now the Braava Jet Robotic Mop is stepping up to the plate and mopping up to 100 square feet per hour.

Digital home assistants, like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, are getting more advanced by the version, using voice commands to play music, read news, tell you the weather and more. In 2017, Amazon unveiled its Echo Show, adding a visual component to the digital assistant and allowing for more tasks, such as video calls and video playback. The Lenovo Smart Display is hitting the market in 2018 and can be programmed to help you jump start your morning routine, doing everything from syncing to the coffee pot to reminding you about important events throughout the day.

Bluetooth LED mirrors, like the series made by Viio, come with anti-fogging technology and a two-way speaker system to help you catch up on phone calls, listen to the news or music and get ready for the day simultaneously.

Safety first

Technology has radically changed home security as well, making it easy for anybody who so desires to invest in security cameras, advanced alarm systems and mobile monitoring.

A recent trend in home security has been the implementation of doorbells with video monitoring. No matter where you are, when a person rings your doorbell, you can receive a notification on your cell phone, where you can speak through the doorbell and see who is at the door. Smart locks can also provide a sense of security while you’re at work or on vacation, with remote access on a smartphone allowing you to check in or lock up at any time.

Coming soon

While a lot of amazing technology has already hit the market, new gadgets and devices that  change life at home are coming out every year, providing an abundance of options for those looking for a technological upgrade.

Nokia Sleep, a flat device that slides under a mattress, acts as both a sleep tracker and home automation pad. It can track your sleep, heart rate, snoring and it doesn’t end there. By integrating to your home and sleep routines, Nokia Sleep can be programmed to dim the lights when you go to bed, turn them on when you wake up, change the temperature in the home and more. The best part, it will be available this year.

New technology is coming out to help with chores around the home as well. Though consumers have to wait until 2019, Foldimate is creating a laundry folding robot to make the chore easier for everyone in the family.

Virtual reality headsets, phones and smart watches are all among devices coming out with new versions every year, adding to quality of home control, video games, sleep and health tracking and more.

Find your dream home in Dallas or Houston today and make it uniquely yours by integrating the gadgets you’ve always wanted.