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Storing Your Winter Gear Until Next Year

Now that spring is just around the corner, Darling Homes homebuyers are starting to pack up their winter gear and spend more time in the backyard and out in the community. Colder weather means bulkier clothes, boots and winter decor that all has to find a safe storage space before being put to use again next winter.

Keeping your clothes pristine

For clothing items, one of the most important tricks to keeping items good for the next year is to clean everything before putting items away. Cleaning coats, sweaters, scarves and boots helps prevent stains and discourage moths, and clothes free of bodily oils during storage that can do damage over time.

Placing clothing and other winter gear in containers such as plastic tubs or unused suitcases can be the best for easy storage. Suitcases and tubs can be easily stacked and stored in closets, attics, basements or even under beds. Throw some dryer sheets into the container to help keep it fresh through the spring and summer months.

Many sweaters and other heavy winter clothing items can gradually become misshapen if they hang for long enough, but loosely stacking sweaters allows them to maintain their shape- and some breathing room- during the warmer months. Storing boots upright during the hotter months is important, and keeping all of your clothing items – including hats, scarves, coats and sweaters – in a cool, dry environment will help to preserve them for seasons to come.

Stashing winter decor

Wintertime brings its fair share of decor that needs to be safely stored as well. Linens, decorative towels and tablecloths can be stored using the same process as most winter items.

For fragile decor, such as ornaments or knick-knacks, saving the same box with packaging materials can be a useful tactic for preserving everything from year to year. However, using egg cartons or drink holders to package smaller items can work well, as it provides a cushion for your items while keeping them all together.

Lights, used to make your home sparkle during the dark winter hours, can be wrapped around coffee cans or pieces of cardboard before being boxed up to make them easier to put back up next winter season.

Plastic tubs and storage containers are also useful tools for packing up loose decorations.  With Darling Homes, many designs include four-car garage options for added storage space, and other flexible spaces that can be used to hold goods. In the Sanctuary Collection, homes offer a ‘Texas Basement’ attic space that is ideal for putting away objects until the next winter season.

Using clear plastic or a labeling system helps organize items in order and easy to unpack for sprucing up your Darling home in Houston or Dallas during the next winter season.