Celebrating Leadership within Darling Homes on International Women’s Day

On March 8, countries all over the world recognize International Women’s Day. Since 1975, the United Nations has marked March 8 as a day to promote its goal of equal partnership in all aspects of life, including in the workplace. At Darling Homes, an integral part of the Taylor Morrison family, powerful leadership behind the scenes helps shape the company’s success and ability to deliver quality-built homes to Houston and Dallas.

Since she was named president and chief executive officer of Taylor Morrison Home Corporation in 2007, CEO Sheryl Palmer has worked to foster a culture of inclusivity, integrity and respect amongst the company’s employees.

By incorporating her own experience and personality into her leadership style, Palmer has helped lead the homebuilding and development company to both fiscal and cultural success. Rated one of the top places to work in 2018 by Glassdoor, Palmer has a 97 percent approval rate listed on the website. On Glassdoor, rankings and ratings come directly from internal, anonymous, reviews made by employees.

Under Palmer’s leadership, the company has consistently ranked not only as a top place for employees, but as a well-renowned competitor in the homebuilding industry. Beyond corporate success, Palmer’s guidance has also led to a strong sense of community within the company that spreads to all of its neighborhoods. A people-first approach has empowered team members to work with a singular passion and energy that drives success year after year.

When she was featured in the New York Times column Corner Office, Palmer discussed her ‘shoes-off’ leadership style. Palmer said she’ll often take her shoes off under the table during meetings, a small gesture that helps her stay true to herself.

Palmer’s connection to Taylor Morrison, throughout all of its divisions, has helped to shape a culture of growth, success and progress within the company. Darling Homes is no exception to this development, working continuously to improve customer experience and work life for its employees.