It’s Time for Spring Home Maintenance

Spring is in the air, and with the warmer weather and sunshine comes the time for annual home maintenance to keep your Houston or Dallas Darling home in tip-top shape year after year.

We’ve all heard the term ‘spring cleaning,’ but checking through the exteriors and interiors of your home after winter passes ensures any wear and tear or weather damage is managed immediately and helps keep your home functioning well through the years.

Checking the roof for storm damage and cleaning out the gutters is a great way to begin preparing your home for spring and summer. Fall and winter can leave a lot of natural debris in gutters, screens and on patios. Cleaning off these areas makes your Darling home feel fresh and ready for the upcoming summertime.

Maintaining your yard is a key element, though many people have different styles and techniques -for outdoor upkeep. Checking your lawn mower and sprinkler system to ensure they are properly functioning helps prepare for summer yard maintenance. Planting flowers in planters or a flower bed helps to brighten up the outside area with summer colors.

Once the outside of your home is ready for warm weather, it’s time to head inside. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to check over your house systems, putting new batteries in fire alarms or running a security alarm test.

Changing out old air filters for fresh new filters, cleaning off fans and checking lightbulbs are a few of the ways homeowners can prepare for spring and summer. Many people also take advantage of spring’s new beginnings to deep clean their home from the floorboards to the ceiling to start the season with a clean, comfortable environment.

After the home maintenance is complete, Darling homeowners can head outdoors to enjoy a wide array of community amenities or visit local parks and recreational areas to enjoy the beautiful weather.