Celebrating Earth Day in Texas

Once a year, organizers around the world come together to create Earth Day events, celebrating natural spaces and focusing on cleaning up areas around the globe. Near Darling Homes communities in both Dallas and Houston, residents have the opportunity to participate in cleanup events or take time out to help maintain their own communities this Earth Day, April 22.

Helping out at home

If you have a busy schedule, or desire to help out your community throughout the year, here are a few tips to celebrate Earth Day on your own time. Earth Day’s theme this year is to end plastic pollution. is providing materials on education, recycling and individual cleanup.  Additionally, they promote long-term projects such as school programs and planting trees worldwide.

Earth Day provides a toolkit for interested parties to read up on plastic pollution and gain tips on eliminating or reducing plastic waste in everyday life. Around your own home, some ways to reduce waste are to utilize reusable containers, recycle all materials that can be recycled appropriately, and pick up trash in outdoor areas where you see it.

Heading to a local park with a trash bag and gloves and spending a few hours picking up recyclables and trash can make a large local impact any day of the year.

Finding an event near you

On Earth Day, organizations and individuals around the globe band together to form cleanup events in their communities, and Dallas and Houston are no exception. Keep Texas Beautiful is a program with affiliates and volunteers throughout the state dedicated to maintaining its beauty, and they keep a running calendar of events that shows cleanup opportunities in different communities.

In West Houston, Katy completed a Trash Bash pickup on April 7, organized by Keep Katy Beautiful, and Sugar Land held their celebration on April 14. Earth Day Houston is hosting an event featuring environmental talks, live music and more to help educate the public on Earth Day and its environmental impact.

In Dallas, communities are holding local cleanups, such as the Clean It & Green It event in Frisco on April 21. Along with community events, Dallas is also home to EarthX, an environmental experience featuring films, speakers, events and more.

At EarthX, visitors will have the chance to listen to speakers, view a tiny home village, go to the film festival, attend a concert and more – all while learning about the environment. Presented at Fair Park on April 20-22, attendees will have the chance to interact with the environment through the various events and activities EarthX is bringing to Dallas.