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A Dining Room fit for a Dinner Party

Looking to host a dinner party in your new Darling home in Dallas or Houston? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you pull off a party your guests won’t forget.

Decor and Atmosphere

Set the stage for a dinner party with a simple, elegant centerpiece that shows off your style and personality. Gain inspiration from the season, using fresh flowers in the springtime through the end of summer, or fall-inspired colors and decor during the autumn months.  

Darling Homes’ dining rooms are impeccably-designed entertainment spaces. Homeowners can add their personal touch with the addition of a few art pieces or mirrors to the walls.

In addition, for your dinner party, set the table and adding in decor ahead of time with a full range of cutlery, cloth napkins and any dishware necessary to help prepare you for an evening of hosting guests.

Consider playing light background music from the living room or kitchen area to help set a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

The Menu

When it comes to choosing a menu, it’s best to pick something that you are comfortable cooking that is also a generally popular food.

Food Network put together a list of 34 simple yet savory courses for hosts to try during their next dinner party, with options including lemon and garlic roast chicken, eggplant parmigiana and seafood gumbo. Whether you’re looking for a simple, quick menu or a more complicated, multi-course meal, this list provides plenty of options from appetizers to unforgettable desserts.

Get Inspired

Check out photos of our Darling Homes Dallas and Houston dining rooms on Pinterest for more inspiration, and share with us how you plan for your perfect dinner party!