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Host the Perfect Summer Party

Summer is winding down, and there’s no better way to send off the season than hosting a party in your Dallas or Houston Darling home.

With incredible backyard spaces, open-concept kitchens and living room spaces, a Darling home is the perfect place to gather friends and loved ones.

Creating the Space

Lee Crowder, Darling Homes’ design gallery and model home branding manager, recently shared tips for creating the ideal backyard living space. She recommends thinking through details such as the arrangement of outdoor furniture, grilling station and tables. Align these fixtures to help improve flow to the kitchen, so your home can be ready for both indoor and outdoor entertaining.

When there’s a crowd, Crowder recommends setting up a designated food area for serving or for guests to help themselves. Setting the food in a certain area helps organize the party, and leaves the rest of the home open for entertaining. Crowder recommends serving easily portable food options, such as appetizers, hamburgers or other party staples, to help give guests more freedom to move around and visit.


In the backyard, open seating, a drink station and yard games, such as cornhole, ping pong or badminton, create a charming and fun atmosphere. Back inside, in the kitchen and living room area, background music and table games can help guests feel at home.

To keep your privacy while hosting a crowd, consider closing bedroom doors and guiding guests to areas where they can relax and enjoy their time, including game rooms and media rooms.

Fresh food, delightful drinks, good company and a Darling home create a recipe for a successful summer party.