Creating a Child’s Dream Room

A child’s bedroom is a place to play, imagine new worlds, explore creativity and grow. With Darling Homes, it’s easy to help your child create their own sanctuary in Houston or Dallas.

When it comes to creating the ideal space for children of any age, Lee Crowder, Darling Homes’ Design Gallery and Model Home Branding Manager, recommends letting kids express themselves in their bedroom.

“Let them get involved!” Crowder said. “Take them to pick out paint colors, wall art, bedding. Make it a fun adventure that lets them show off their style.”

Crowder said the key to designing any child’s room is to start with a well-crafted, high-quality bed that can last through the child’s years living at home – and beyond.

“Buy a bed that stands the test of time, something that has a simple, pleasing design,” Crowder said. “Buy a bed that is a nice, beautiful piece of furniture so that the child can then take it as part of their furniture when they move out.”

Crowder advises parents and guardians to let kids have fun with colorful paint, wallpaper, bedding and decor. Focal points such as an accent wall, gallery of photos, trophy collections, monogrammed names and more can help transform a normal bedroom into a child’s dream room.

“Let the kids have rooms that don’t match the rest of the house, to be their place and their safe haven. Wallpaper, paint and decor is all easy to redecorate later,” Crowder said.

When it comes to furniture, Crowder has some recommendations of what make the ideal bedroom. Her list of must-haves includes:

  • Bed with a high-quality mattress
  • Desk
  • Large dresser
  • Nightstands
  • Comfortable chair

The comfortable chair and desk can be used for a reading nook, homework space or a place to relax, unwind and play games.

The way furniture is positioned in a room can open it up as well. Getting a full-size bed or a day bed and pushing it up against the wall opens up floor space for an active child and placing a dresser inside a closet can offer opportunities for desks and other items in a bedroom without making the room feel crowded.

“Focus on personalization,” Crowder said. “That’s the most important part of designing a child’s bedroom. From there, it’s easy to adapt as the kids change and grow.”