Educational Outings in the Lone Star State

Whether you have a curious little one or you are just looking to explore more about the world around you, both Dallas and Houston have incredible museums, zoos and science centers that help to educate, inform and entertain visitors.


The Dallas Zoo is an incredible resource for people seeking to learn more about wildlife and the world. Early childhood programs, night programs, family programs and more help the zoo connect with schools and individuals for educational purposes. Starting young, the Stroller Buddies program connects parents and guardians with children, ranging in age from 10 months to two years, to programs and classes with natural materials.

Other unique opportunities to learn at the Dallas Zoo include:

  • Youth Opportunities, including junior zookeeper positions, park ambassador roles and more
  • Night Programs, featuring walks and campouts at the zoo
  • Wild Adventures camps, built for pre-K through fifth grade students to get a hands-on animal education
  • Scout Badge programs to help eager youths bolster their scouting resumes
  • Family Zoo Adventures, which provides groups with an opportunity to learn about nature together through learning tree identification, building enrichment materials for animals and more

Dallas is also home to a wide variety of museums, including everything from art to science and history, which provide unique opportunities for educational outings.

Some of these incredible venues include:


Space Center Houston, showcasing information and materials from NASA’s trips into outer space, is the ideal Texas destination if you are interested in exploring the universe. Overnight experiences, camps, and special events are plentiful at this incredible destination, and the Center’s educational opportunities are not limited by age or experience.

Opportunities at Space Center Houston include:

  • Space Center U, a camp for people with curious minds, including an educator program and a program for people with visual impairments
  • Explorer camps, including accessibility camps, for robotics and engineering
  • Stars & STEM, a program for students in kindergarten through high school seeking more science, technology, engineering and math opportunities
  • Outreach programs, bringing space experiences to classrooms
  • Special events, where you can meet an astronaut, view the moon through high-powered telescopes, and more

Houston is filled with venues that contribute to enriching education for children and adults, specializing in everything from wildlife to fire department history.

Don’t miss these Houston museums:

No matter what your favorite hobby or interest is, Dallas and Houston have unique museums, galleries and more to help you explore and learn. What’s your favorite educational outing in Texas? Let us know!