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Top 5 Closet Organization Tips

With each season comes new wardrobe items, testing your organizational skills when transitioning from one climate to the next. If your holiday wish is to walk into your closet knowing exactly where your favorite winter coat is, we’ve got you covered. Check out these organizational tips that highlight some of the great features that Darling Homes has to offer.

Keep It Coordinated

When all of your hangers match and your shoe boxes and containers coordinate well with each other, you’re more visually pleased and motivated to maintain the space. Keeping extra hangers around can also help maintain this uniformity when new purchases come home.

Pro tip: Can’t remember just what’s in that shoe box? Adding a picture or label to the box helps in locating that perfect pair of boots quickly. 

Make Space for Laundry

One of the more unique features Darling Homes has to offer is our “Darling Loop” which connects the master closet to the laundry room in select home designs. This quick access to the laundry room can make it easier for your laundry to be transferred and washed, then placed right back where it belongs.

Separate His and Hers

If you’re sharing your space with a loved one, you’re in luck. Darling Homes offers his and hers closets so there’s plenty of space for different wardrobes. No need to share? Then you’ll be able to separate your own summer and spring wardrobe from your fall and winter items or use the second closet to store seasonal items. After all, no one ever said having more storage space was a bad thing!

Boxes and Bins for Smaller Items

In order to keep similar, smaller items together, it’s easiest to separate them into boxes and bins to utilize the most space while making sure everything has its own home. Having separate bins for your white socks and colored socks can also help avoid chaos when you’re rushing to get out the door in the morning.

Empty Space Isn’t for Sale  

When it comes to keeping everything organized, it’s best to keep comparable items together. Oftentimes, people fill empty space with random items simply because there’s room, but it’s best to keep shirts with shirts and socks with socks, so it’s easier to find them when needed. Bonus points if you take it a step further and color-code each category.

No matter your method for the madness, the layout and floor plan of your Darling Houston or Darling Dallas home will help keep your closet in check and help reduce your stress!