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New Elevations Bring Fresh Charm to Darling Homes

Darling Homes continually strives to bring its customers the best in quality-crafted houses in Dallas and Houston. Over the last 30 years, offering fresh home designs in a variety of new communities has allowed Darling Homes to continually meet the needs of today’s discerning homebuyers.

Elevations are key elements to providing customers with distinctive curb appeal that leaves a lingering impression before you walk through the door. This year, new exterior design styles will be incorporated into Darling Homes communities in Houston and Dallas. The styles will broaden curb appeal for Texas homebuyers. A range of exterior styles gives customers the ability to truly craft their dream home with Darling Homes, inside and out.

Recently, several elevations have been introduced in Houston to bring a wider range of exterior options. One of these styles stepping up the curb appeal is a new modern elevation, and it can be found at The Woodlands Cassena Grove and Avalon at Sienna Plantation in the Villa Collection opening in early 2018. Both of these are in the Houston area, bringing in an alternative front for shoppers to select.

In Dallas, several up-and-coming communities are adding fresh elevations. Estates at Shaddock Park in Frisco just debuted its first Darling Homes models, complete with range of choices for elevations like Traditional and Mediterranean. Stonegate, which will open later this year in Irving, will offer selections for a varied curb appeal as well.

In each Darling Homes community, a variety of exterior designs creates unique streetscapes filled with sophisticated, timeless style. Varying elevation styles and incorporating timeless designs provides customers with the home of their dreams in the location that best fits their lifestyle and desires.

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Celebrating Leadership within Darling Homes on International Women’s Day

On March 8, countries all over the world recognize International Women’s Day. Since 1975, the United Nations has marked March 8 as a day to promote its goal of equal partnership in all aspects of life, including in the workplace. At Darling Homes, an integral part of the Taylor Morrison family, powerful leadership behind the scenes helps shape the company’s success and ability to deliver quality-built homes to Houston and Dallas.

Since she was named president and chief executive officer of Taylor Morrison Home Corporation in 2007, CEO Sheryl Palmer has worked to foster a culture of inclusivity, integrity and respect amongst the company’s employees.

By incorporating her own experience and personality into her leadership style, Palmer has helped lead the homebuilding and development company to both fiscal and cultural success. Rated one of the top places to work in 2018 by Glassdoor, Palmer has a 97 percent approval rate listed on the website. On Glassdoor, rankings and ratings come directly from internal, anonymous, reviews made by employees.

Under Palmer’s leadership, the company has consistently ranked not only as a top place for employees, but as a well-renowned competitor in the homebuilding industry. Beyond corporate success, Palmer’s guidance has also led to a strong sense of community within the company that spreads to all of its neighborhoods. A people-first approach has empowered team members to work with a singular passion and energy that drives success year after year.

When she was featured in the New York Times column Corner Office, Palmer discussed her ‘shoes-off’ leadership style. Palmer said she’ll often take her shoes off under the table during meetings, a small gesture that helps her stay true to herself.

Palmer’s connection to Taylor Morrison, throughout all of its divisions, has helped to shape a culture of growth, success and progress within the company. Darling Homes is no exception to this development, working continuously to improve customer experience and work life for its employees.


Put Spring Into Your Home

Spring is in the air, and Darling Homes is ready to leap into the season with home decor and color palettes that include bright tones. Follow Darling Homes Houston or Darling Homes DFW on Pinterest for idea boards and inspiration to help decorate your home this spring.

Simple, sophisticated design can be found in every Darling home, and adding in a splash of energetic colors and patterns can help bring the feeling of spring into your home. Layering textures with a range of neutral tones, with color added in small doses, creates timeless design throughout the house.

Throw pillows, wall art and other home accent pieces such as vases or lamps provide the perfect opportunity to inject bold patterns, rich color and trendy decor. In addition to fun patterns, varied textures are popular in home decor this spring, and incorporating natural patterns in wallpapers is a positive way to bring texture to the walls in your home.

Spring color palettes are utilizing bold tones, ranging from happy yellows and exotic reds to energized blues and olive green. For a temporary change of scenery, you can add in these seasonal colors by accenting your existing furniture with a blanket or decorative pillow, using high-end materials and fabrics to create the best design possible. For a unique piece of art that pulls together your decor, add in a piece of canvas artwork curated to match your home’s color and design.

Metallics are also trending this spring, so don’t forget to utilize accent items with various metallic materials. Copper, brass and other metal tones make a great addition to any room in furniture or hardware and create good elements in a focal wall or a powder bath.

When thinking about the best way to style your Darling home, it’s time to think big. Having a few, larger furniture pieces and accessories is better for the interior design than adding in numerous small pieces.

No matter how you choose to express your personal style this spring, Darling Homes has a community and floorplan to help create you the perfect home that’s uniquely yours.

Darling Difference

Home Collections Curated for the Darling Homebuyer

Darling Homes has spent the last 30 years carefully crafting and selecting the best home designs for homebuyers within communities throughout both the Dallas and Houston areas. Curated into collections of homes with varying design options, these series of homes are fastidiously arranged to help shoppers find the home of their dreams in the community that best fits their needs.

One such series of homes, the Founders Collection, is distinguished by strong, appealing design elements and desirable locations. Found in several communities in Dallas, including Phillips Creek Ranch Silvertail and the soon-to-be-open community of Stonegate, where new home designs will be unveiled.

Shoppers looking for a house that has plenty of room for entertaining will delight in the Founders Collection’s gourmet kitchens, formal and informal dining spaces, vaulted game rooms with Juliette balconies and options that include wet bars, media rooms and extended patios with outdoor fireplaces. The one and two story home designs in the Founders Collection range from approximately 2,100 to 3,500 square feet..

With a minimum of four bedrooms, homes in the Keystone Collection might be an ideal fit for shoppers looking to accommodate a large group under one roof while maintaining privacy and large living areas. Spread over approximately 2,400 to 4,400 square feet, homes in the Keystone Collection also have game rooms and media rooms for entertaining, extensive living areas to gather all of your loved ones, and gourmet kitchens with hearth rooms for everyday cooking and dining. Shoppers can find the Keystone Collection in many communities, including Bering Heights at Parkside in the Dallas area and Harvest Green in the Houston area.

Beginning with gorgeous exteriors inspired by English Tudor, French Country and Mediterranean styles, the Cornerstone Collection is truly exemplary of indoor and outdoor living by Darling Homes. With large covered patios, expansive backyards and floorplans including interior courtyards that seamlessly transition into open foyers and captivating great rooms, the Cornerstone Collection offers a comfortable and luxurious series of homes. With four- and five-bedroom options, homes in the Cornerstone Collection range from approximately 3,000 to 5,000 square feet and can be found in multiple Darling Homes communities such as Avalon at Riverstone and The Woodlands.

These three collections illustrate a range of the features and options that Darling Homes offers to buyers in Dallas and Houston. With high-quality craftsmanship, intimate volume and thoughtful transitions, each of the home designs is created to best fit the Darling homebuyer’s needs.

For a complete look at Darling Homes communities and home collections, go to

At Home

Storing Your Winter Gear Until Next Year

Now that spring is just around the corner, Darling Homes homebuyers are starting to pack up their winter gear and spend more time in the backyard and out in the community. Colder weather means bulkier clothes, boots and winter decor that all has to find a safe storage space before being put to use again next winter.

Keeping your clothes pristine

For clothing items, one of the most important tricks to keeping items good for the next year is to clean everything before putting items away. Cleaning coats, sweaters, scarves and boots helps prevent stains and discourage moths, and clothes free of bodily oils during storage that can do damage over time.

Placing clothing and other winter gear in containers such as plastic tubs or unused suitcases can be the best for easy storage. Suitcases and tubs can be easily stacked and stored in closets, attics, basements or even under beds. Throw some dryer sheets into the container to help keep it fresh through the spring and summer months.

Many sweaters and other heavy winter clothing items can gradually become misshapen if they hang for long enough, but loosely stacking sweaters allows them to maintain their shape- and some breathing room- during the warmer months. Storing boots upright during the hotter months is important, and keeping all of your clothing items – including hats, scarves, coats and sweaters – in a cool, dry environment will help to preserve them for seasons to come.

Stashing winter decor

Wintertime brings its fair share of decor that needs to be safely stored as well. Linens, decorative towels and tablecloths can be stored using the same process as most winter items.

For fragile decor, such as ornaments or knick-knacks, saving the same box with packaging materials can be a useful tactic for preserving everything from year to year. However, using egg cartons or drink holders to package smaller items can work well, as it provides a cushion for your items while keeping them all together.

Lights, used to make your home sparkle during the dark winter hours, can be wrapped around coffee cans or pieces of cardboard before being boxed up to make them easier to put back up next winter season.

Plastic tubs and storage containers are also useful tools for packing up loose decorations.  With Darling Homes, many designs include four-car garage options for added storage space, and other flexible spaces that can be used to hold goods. In the Sanctuary Collection, homes offer a ‘Texas Basement’ attic space that is ideal for putting away objects until the next winter season.

Using clear plastic or a labeling system helps organize items in order and easy to unpack for sprucing up your Darling home in Houston or Dallas during the next winter season.


New Gadgets and Technology for Your Home

Now that you’ve found your dream home with the help of Darling Homes, what comes next? For a lot of people, the answer to personalizing their new residence may come in the form of technology. With new gadgets and technology coming out every year, more homeowners are embracing smart tools from digital assistants to helping keep your house safe and secure.

Staying organized

When it comes to running a busy household, we all could use a hand from time to time. Technology has produced gadgets like the Roomba to help keep homes clean, but now the Braava Jet Robotic Mop is stepping up to the plate and mopping up to 100 square feet per hour.

Digital home assistants, like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, are getting more advanced by the version, using voice commands to play music, read news, tell you the weather and more. In 2017, Amazon unveiled its Echo Show, adding a visual component to the digital assistant and allowing for more tasks, such as video calls and video playback. The Lenovo Smart Display is hitting the market in 2018 and can be programmed to help you jump start your morning routine, doing everything from syncing to the coffee pot to reminding you about important events throughout the day.

Bluetooth LED mirrors, like the series made by Viio, come with anti-fogging technology and a two-way speaker system to help you catch up on phone calls, listen to the news or music and get ready for the day simultaneously.

Safety first

Technology has radically changed home security as well, making it easy for anybody who so desires to invest in security cameras, advanced alarm systems and mobile monitoring.

A recent trend in home security has been the implementation of doorbells with video monitoring. No matter where you are, when a person rings your doorbell, you can receive a notification on your cell phone, where you can speak through the doorbell and see who is at the door. Smart locks can also provide a sense of security while you’re at work or on vacation, with remote access on a smartphone allowing you to check in or lock up at any time.

Coming soon

While a lot of amazing technology has already hit the market, new gadgets and devices that  change life at home are coming out every year, providing an abundance of options for those looking for a technological upgrade.

Nokia Sleep, a flat device that slides under a mattress, acts as both a sleep tracker and home automation pad. It can track your sleep, heart rate, snoring and it doesn’t end there. By integrating to your home and sleep routines, Nokia Sleep can be programmed to dim the lights when you go to bed, turn them on when you wake up, change the temperature in the home and more. The best part, it will be available this year.

New technology is coming out to help with chores around the home as well. Though consumers have to wait until 2019, Foldimate is creating a laundry folding robot to make the chore easier for everyone in the family.

Virtual reality headsets, phones and smart watches are all among devices coming out with new versions every year, adding to quality of home control, video games, sleep and health tracking and more.

Find your dream home in Dallas or Houston today and make it uniquely yours by integrating the gadgets you’ve always wanted.



New Homes Coming Soon to Dallas and Houston

Darling Homes works year-round to bring quality-built homes and communities to the Dallas and Houston areas. Throughout the year, new opportunities in existing communities and brand-new communities bring Texas homebuyers unique chances to find the home of their dreams in the area of their dreams.


Coming soon to Allen, homebuyers will have a multitude of new opportunities to explore with the opening of Montgomery Farm Estates, offering 55’, 62’ and 90’ homesites, and Montgomery Farm Angel Field East, 31’ and 55’ homesites. Featuring several of Darling Homes’ prominent collections, including the Villa Collection, Founders Collection, Keystone Collection and more. The Montgomery Farm communities will be open in the first half of 2018. If it isn’t too salesy, we could add a final sentence about VIP lists are currently forming and if interested, contact Melissa Thompson or visit the website to sign up for information?

Stonegate, in Irving, is another community coming to the Dallas area in early 2018. Debuting a new lineup of luxury homes that will blend into the Founders Collection. Stonegate will also feature a community park and provide access to the highly-acclaimed schools in the Coppell Independent School District.

This fall, The Terraces at Las Colinas will open in Irving for Darling Homes shoppers. With winding trails and boardwalk bordering on green spaces and a ravine, this community will offer access to natural areas while staying close to an exciting urban atmosphere with nearby restaurants and shops.

For more information on Darling Homes in Dallas, please request information or call the Internet Home Consultant at 469-252-2255.


In the Cypress community of Bridgeland, a new village called Parkland Village recently opened and with it, Darling Homes’ new model in the Sanctuary Collection debuted.  With pocket parks, a lake system, grassy meadows and even a birding tower, Parkland Village was designed to feel connected to nature. Design options at Bridgeland in Parkland Village include a variety of 55’ homesites, and shoppers who come tour will be able to see modern elevation styles in Darling Homes’ model.

The Imperial community will debut new homes in Sugar Land in 2018, with both 30 and 65 homesites. Just 18 miles southwest of Houston, tree-lined boulevards, access to high-quality schools in Fort Bend ISD all make Imperial a desirable community. Darling homes at Imperial are in the Retreat Collection and the Villa Collection, with one- and two-story homes offering shoppers features including gourmet kitchens and beautiful courtyards.

Darling Homes Houston is also introducing new opportunities to own homes in Avalon at Sienna Plantation. This 10,000-acre, master-planned development is near the Galleria, Houston Hobby Airport and Texas Medical Center. Sienna Plantation also offers resort-style amenities and spacious recreation areas in a gorgeous, gated community. Darling Homes’ new opportunities at Sienna Plantation will feature upscale, luxury living in low-maintenance, two-story homes from the Villa Collection and the Retreat Collection.

For homebuyers in Dallas or Houston, Darling Homes has a wide array of options in current and coming soon communities to help every home shopper find the home and neighborhood that best fits their needs.


Embracing Texas-sized Living with Darling Homes

“Everything is bigger in Texas” is a phrase known around the world, but what does a Texas-sized living space actually mean for a homebuyer?

With Darling Homes, the difference is evident as soon as a homebuyer walks through the door. From start to finish, thoughtful transitions, terminating views and incredible details can make a Darling home unique and comfortable while providing an abundance of space.

In the main areas of a Darling home, shoppers will find a masterfully crafted living space unique to the overall design. From the foyers to the open doorways and spacious living areas, homebuyers have ample opportunities to find their dream home in Dallas or Houston.

Incredible great rooms often feature gorgeous beams on elevated ceilings, providing a sweeping, open feeling to the heart of the home. The kitchen is also in the central area of a Darling home, with distinctive cabinetry, islands and many designs featuring a work triangle to maximize nights cooking at home as well as entertainment space.

While Darling Homes puts great thought and care into transitions and the flow of all of its designs, the houses also come with a respect for privacy. An elegant, well-planned mix of privacy and open living area helps to create a welcoming atmosphere throughout.

With many homes featuring private master retreats, some designs also come with private guest casitas. With options such as private, intimate studies, media rooms or game rooms, there is plenty of room to gather loved ones or engage in separate activities.

Day after day, these impeccably crafted home designs give the homebuyer Texas-sized living. With room for lounging, hosting dinner parties, throwing a holiday soiree or simply finding room to work or relax, Darling Homes creates stunning homes with spacious living areas. With an award-winning multi-generational suite, Darling Homes focuses on achieving incredible designs with a space for each of your loved ones to feel comfortable.


How to Read Blueprints

Creating your dream home can be a thrilling experience. When you purchase a new home, you’re in control of how it will ultimately reflect your tastes and needs. Designing it sometimes means reviewing blueprints and looking at two-dimensional representations of your dream home can sometimes seem daunting.

When you purchase a new Darling home, however, experts are with you every step of the way – helping you realize your dream in the Houston or Dallas metro areas. Those experts begin with your home’s blueprint and Garry Holy, Architectural Services Supervisor for Darling Homes.

What’s on a blueprint?

Think of a blueprint as looking at the inside of the house from the top down, with the roof off. If the house is more than one story, the blueprint will separate the floors of the home onto separate drawings. In Darling Homes blueprints, Garry said home design options such as powder rooms, studies or hearth rooms will be included floor by floor as well.

On each sheet, the house layout is shown, with doorways, rooms and other important features such as windows, stairwells and walls, marked to show where every aspect of the home fits in. This way of looking at a home allows the viewer to understand the flow and functionality of the spaces, as well as an idea of what features are included in the home before it is built, such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms and dimensions of rooms.

From start to finish, the Darling Homes team puts considerable thought into home design, resulting in a broad range of gorgeous homes built with care and filled with thoughtful transitions and impeccable details.

How to interpret a blueprint

When planning your future dream home, condensing all the information and dimensions onto a piece of paper can seem overwhelming.

“The most important thing people need to do is make sure the plan fits their lifestyle,” Garry said. “Whenever we release a set of plans, we put a lot of research into options and planning out homes.”

With Darling Homes, designs come with a variety of different features and aspects that appeal to a wide range of choices. Making sure that a home has the correct number of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen space, garage capacity and more is vital to understanding how you and your loved ones fit into the home.

Getting all the details

Beyond the home essentials like windows, walls, layout and bedroom count, blueprints give the homeowner an in-depth look at what to expect both inside and outside the home. Cabinetry, ceiling height and configuration, and electrical workings are all represented on blueprints by Darling Homes.

From start to finish, the Darling Homes team provides a smooth, personalized experience to to help each customer build the home of their dreams.


Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Dallas and Houston

Love is in the air in Texas as Dallas and Houston residents prepare for Valentine’s Day. With fun for all ages, singles and romantic outings for couples, these cities have no shortage of traditional and unconventional Valentine’s Day options.


It’s time to up your level of adventure this Valentine’s Day in Grapevine by taking a wine tour or Valentine’s Cruise. The Sweetheart Wine Trail is the ideal outing for wine lovers, featuring food pairings, wine and commemorative glasses on a day-long tour Feb. 10 or 11. The Valentine’s Cruise takes place on Lake Grapevine, with cruises running Feb. 9 through Feb. 17, where guests revel in comedy performances, delightful food and live music. While in Grapevine, take time to tour Darling Homes’ gorgeous community of Glade Hill where falling in love with a dream home has never been easier.

Chocolate lovers will relish the opportunity to hop on the Dallas Decadent Valentine Dreams Chocolate tour on Valentine’s Day, and adventurous souls can head to McKinney for a romantic hot air balloon ride and tour of one of Darling Homes’ fresh and sophisticated McKinney communities.

For a macabre twist on this romantic holiday, look to Moxley Manor’s Valentine’s Day Haunted House or take part in a interactive murder mystery with Keith and Margo’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre on Feb. 10 for an unforgettable evening of improvisational comedy, live action mystery and gourmet dining.

Take the guess work out of planning and make a reservation for an amorous dinner at a restaurant, check out Asador, Dallas Chophouse, Cook Hall, Dallas Fish Market or MoMo’s Pasta.


Whether you’re looking for traditional Valentine’s romance, fun for the whole family or a way to celebrate unconventionally, Houston has an abundance of events.

For a romantic escape, head to one of Houston’s charming bed and breakfasts for a night or a weekend. Reserving couples massages or a spot at Paint and Sip Valentine’s Day outing on Feb. 9 in Sugar Land, where you can create a painting and enjoy champagne at Center Stage Gallery. While in Sugar Land, check out our latest , where gorgeous homes sit just southwest of Houston in incredible communities.

For an unforgettable experience, Houstonians can head out to Texas Zombie Hunt at Tank’s Paintball in Richmond and partake in dinner, movies and the zombie hunting adventure of a lifetime. For adventure without the zombies, check out Mystery Cafe Houston for a night of mystery and amusement.

Singles in the Houston area can head over to the Gite Gallery for a singles mixer featuring a dating coach and wine expert.

Food lovers will delight in a special Valentine’s Day dinner in Houston this year, with restaurants such as Backstreet Cafe, Brasserie du Parc, The Federal Grill, One Fifth Romance Languages and The Pass & Provisions dishing up special meals.

Ready to fall in love with your dream home this Valentine’s Day? No matter where you find events and restaurants you love in Houston or Dallas, Darling Homes has a home and a community to suit your needs. Take a tour around these metro areas to find your