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Creating the Perfect Room to Watch the Big Game

It’s that time of year again – football playoff season! Between the Cotton Bowl in late December and playoff games at AT&T Stadium in Arlington and NRG Stadium in Houston, football fever is definitely in the air in Texas.  Whether you’re a fan of college or professional football, you always want the best seat to watch the game. Of course, the ideal location would be to watch from the stands, but if you couldn’t score tickets, you can still make your home the ultimate game day destination.


If you own a Darling home in Dallas or Houston, you have plenty of options for the perfect football watching venue, right in your own home. You could host a game day barbecue on your spacious backyard patio or a viewing party in your Darling media room, game room or living room.

Backyard Barbecue

Nothing sounds better than grilling out back with your friends and family while watching your favorite teams duke it out on live TV. Utilize your Darling home’s covered porch and patio to host the ideal game day barbeque.

Set up a cornhole game or dart board to pass the time in between plays. Make sure to place your TV up high so your guests can move around without blocking the view. 

Viewing Party

Take advantage of the entertainment space you have inside your beautiful Darling home. Use your media room or living room to create the perfect atmosphere to cheer on your favorite team. Make sure there is enough seating for everyone placed around the big screen. Make sure your furniture is accident-proof in case someone gets too excited and spills their drink! 

Food & Drink

Designate a table for finger foods and snacks for your guests to munch on throughout the game. A few game day favorites include:

Set up a bar area that’s close enough to the TV so guests don’t have to move too far, especially during a close game. Make sure to stock your refrigerator with a variety of beverage options for your guests. Beer and coolers are obvious choices for drinks, but there are also plenty of great game day cocktail recipes as well:

Be sure to also include non-alcoholic options like sodas, lemonades and bottled waters for all guests.


Decorate your room with football memorabilia and decor to tie your party together. Incorporate team colors in plates, cups, napkins and streamers. Hang team flags on the wall or even set up a flag photo wall for guests to take pictures in front of to remember their experience.

Kids Zone

Need to entertain the little ones? Set up a children’s area for them to play in while you watch the game. An arts-and-crafts table for them to color on would be an easy way to occupy their time or even setting up a separate TV for them to watch their favorite show. For even more tips, check out this Good Housekeeping blog post on the big game.

Pro Tips

Big games need big party ideas. Food Network has listed their favorite tips. Here are a few of ours:

  • Make sure your TV is set up before your guests arrive.
  • Stay stocked up on snacks and drinks.
  • Make sure all of your guests who are drinking have a safe way home.
  • Don’t place food or drinks close to the TV in case of spills.

With these helpful tips for hosting the big game at home, you can enjoy the game just as much as your guests without missing any of the action!


Design Trends for 2019

Each new year brings home design trends that are meant to refresh and reimagine the home. Darling Homes has a long history of making sure its homes lead the way in both style and design. The builder accomplishes this by incorporating design trends that will add to a home’s authenticity while further elevating its innovation. Take a look at a few favorite design trends for 2019.

High Contrast

This year, the use of high contrast is a huge trend that will be incorporated into home design. With Darling Homes, you’ll begin to notice dark countertops paired with white cabinets and light gray flooring paired with black cabinets. This trend will also be incorporated into plumbing with the use of black or dark hardware, plumbing and light fixtures against bright white countertops and walls to create a look that is striking and distinctive.

Neutral Color Palette

Neutral color palettes will be incorporated into homes in 2019. When introducing a neutral palette, the focus is more on layering textures and patterns. Rather than incorporating bright colors to decorate the home, the Hygge cozy decorating trend is gaining acceptance through the use of fluffy rugs, oversized woven throws and lots of pillows to create a cozy and relaxed feel.

Exterior color palettes will feature soft whites for painted brick and trim/siding as well as various warm charcoal colors that pair extremely well with Darling Homes brick and stone elevations. Stucco elevations have moved into a more modern feel by using less colors and an updated palette.

This year’s color of the year is Classic French Gray by Sherwin Williams. This color is not only a gorgeous gray but is a deep, rich and warm color that is very versatile. It is timeless and richer than previous popular grays that gave off a colder tone. The color can add elegance to a study or bedroom and is even a great way to update your exterior trim or garage door. Darling Homes’ color of the year will also speak to color popularity but be timeless and thoughtful of creating a lasting color palette.

Healthy Living Design Elements

Healthy living is another element that both home builders and owners are more concerned with this year. Darling Homes is considering healthy living from decorations to flooring. The use of real plants like succulents, fiddle leaf figs and air plants as well as swapping soft surfaces like carpet with wood flooring will be incorporated this year.

Replacing carpet with wood will not only remove added dust and dirt but also eliminates additional chemicals that could affect those living in the home. Additionally, wood flooring requires less upkeep and adds a natural element to the home, which will help combat allergies and skin sensitivity issues. Other elements that aide in creating a healthier home are well-made healthy mattresses, rugs made from natural material, less draperies and more plantation shutters.

Material Design Trends      

2019 brings a number of trends in materials that will be incorporated into the home. This includes:

  • Concrete Finish Tiles – These tiles create a more industrial look.
  • Pattern Tiles – These are an exciting addition to the market that allows buyers to add a bit of personality to a backsplash or a small area like a powder bath or utility room.
  • Large Format Tiles -These large tiles (24” x 28” in many cases) will create an overall sleek look for a backsplash. These are a great option for buyers who want that more modern simple look of a stone backsplash.
  • Light washed wood -Woods available in grays, whites and taupes are still very big design trends that create an open and spacious feel in the home


This year, lighting can be used to create a unique personality for the home. Exposed bulbs are still very important in terms of design of lighting. Exposed bulbs paired with brass, black and warm wood accents are creating lighting that will not only serve as a source of lighting but also a focal point in a room. Incorporating a great fixture in the powder bath or a show stopping fixture in the entry way will allow the home’s distinct personality to shine through.

Design Themes

A home’s aesthetic adds theme, personality and feeling to the home. Darling Homes is focusing on six curated design aesthetics in the models to create aspirational homes that will help homebuyers with designing their own authentic home. These themes are DHModern, Southern Charm, Practical Glamour, Seaside Coastal, Global View and Iconic. DHModern will be front and center as the team is designing more and more of the models and exterior streetscapes to relate to that modern look that buyers are asking for.

Each Darling home is designed to be striking and distinctive from the inside out so that each homeowner and guests never forget the first step into a Darling home as it is an experience that reveals a story of purpose, comfort and sophistication. Distinctive design and new home dreams can come true with a beautiful new Darling home in Dallas or Houston.


How to Host the Ultimate Outdoor Holiday Party

The holidays are here bringing plenty of reasons to entertain. From holiday gatherings with family and friends to posh parties to ring in the New Year, you’ll find plenty of ways to expand your space and enjoy the season by extending your festivities to the outdoors. Make your backyard merry and bright this holiday season with these tips from Darling Homes.

Create a Holiday-Themed Party They’ll Not Soon Forget

Holidays are always merry occasions, but ones that focus on a recognizable theme take the festivities to a new level. For an unforgettable holiday soiree inside and out, choose a theme your guests will go gaga over, such as:

  • Holly and Elves with you and yours dressed for the occasion and plenty of holly to help spread the cheer!
  • Cozy Comfort with traditional decorations in red and green for tried-and-true celebrations everyone will adore!
  • Glitz and Glam with gold and silver decorations adorning your home, settings and serving dishes for a glamorous party to ring in the New Year.

Whatever your theme, extending the merrymaking outdoors is a great way to expand on the fun and give guests more space.

5 Tips for Making Your Holiday Party a Hit

  • Set the stage for a spectacular evening. Renting extra lawn chairs and tables, as well as tablecloths and lanterns, are ideal ways to keep the party flowing. People who have more places to roam tend to stay longer and spend more time mingling with other guests. If weather may get in the way of your plans, consider adding a canopy or tent.
  • Create warm surroundings where people can gather and mingle. Fire pits and patio fireplaces provide a warm and welcoming feel for a holiday gathering. Arrange seating around your outdoor fire feature to encourage your guests to relax and stay cozy. You can even provide materials to make s’mores for an extra sweet treat. If your yard doesn’t include a fireplace or fire-pit, consider renting stylish outdoor heaters for the occasion.
  • Add extra lights for an enchanting effect. String lights from the back of your home across the yard for an extra light feature that’s as beautiful as it is practical. Likewise, adorn trees with glamorous globes in colors or white for an added touch that’s sure to get noticed.
  • Set up a self-serve bar in your outdoor kitchen. It’s an easy way to make your guests feel welcome without adding ‘mixologist’ to your to-do list.
  • Plan ahead with an area set with activities for kids to enjoy. Parents are often challenged to keep kids occupied at get-togethers and may even decide to change plans or leave early when there’s little to keep children entertained. Go from good hostess to great with these simple additions.
    • Set up an area outside for kids to congregate with their own table adorned with cute, kid-friendly dishes, tablecloths and crafts. Creating wearable holiday masks is a traditional favorite. All that’s needed are crayons, safety scissors, string and washable glue for themed masks of reindeer, elves, and Santa and Mrs. Claus. Other simple craft ideas include candy cane reindeer made with string and googly eyes, creating paper ornaments and toys and, for older children, origami figures they can give as presents.
    • Set up a table for cookie or gingerbread house decorating.
    • Create a backyard scavenger hunt for little ones. Hide festive gifts and treats inside bushes and under seating to keep kids busy and provide them with fun toys to play with throughout the day.
    • Have a television outside? Be ready with festive movies that are kid-favorites!
    • Have lots of extra space? Consider renting a blow up bouncy house or a slide.
    • And, always have a back-up plan. Be ready to bring the fun indoors on cold and blustery days.

With these tips for outdoor holiday hosting, you can make the most of every moment as you enjoy a day filled with the sights and sounds of the season.

Lifestyle Tips

Tips to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

A new year is almost upon us. What are you looking forward to? What will change for you? What do you want to accomplish? Those are some of the questions people consider when deciding on New Year’s resolutions for themselves, but they often don’t consider how they will keep their resolution in the New Year. If you’re serious about accomplishing your goal, take a look at these tips to help you keep your New Year’s Resolution.

Plan Ahead

As the holidays roll right past us, we often forget about the New Year approaching and creating our resolutions. Don’t do that this year. Start thinking of your resolution as soon as you can. Make your resolution something more than just what you’re thinking of changing on New Year’s Eve!

Be Realistic

If you really want to stick to your goal in the New Year, make sure it’s something you can realistically accomplish. For example, if your New Year’s resolution is to stop drinking coffee completely, what happens if you are tempted to have a cup? Instead of making your resolution about having no coffee all year, it could be to drink less coffee or even limit yourself to two cups a week. That way, your goal is easier to accomplish and therefore easier to stick to.

Make a Plan

When you plan out how you will accomplish your goal ahead of time, there’s a more likely chance that you actually will accomplish it. If your New Year’s resolution is to be more active, make plans to accomplish that. Get a gym membership and coordinate workouts with friends or a trainer. Create a schedule for yourself that will outline when and how long you will be at the gym. Making a plan will keep you accountable and make your goal easier to accomplish.

Talk About It

Tell everyone about your New Year’s Resolution. The more people that know, the more people to keep you accountable. If you keep your goal a secret, it will be that much easier to forget about it. But if you share your resolution with your friends and family, you may just find someone else who shares the same goal and you can help each other along the way.

Stay Positive

Root for yourself during this process! Resolutions can be hard to stick to but if you keep telling yourself you can do it, then you will. If your goal is to eat healthier in the New Year, remind yourself that you’re better than those free donuts left in the break room at work. Mind over matter.

Keep Trying

On an occasion, you might slip up on your goals. Maybe one day you oversleep and can’t make it to the gym or maybe you get to bed late and desperately need coffee for work in the morning. That’s ok. You might have strayed from your goal a little, but that doesn’t mean you have to quit! Don’t wait until the next year to try again, start over the next day.

If you want to make 2019 your best year yet, start today by planning how you will accomplish your New Year’s resolution. And if your resolution is to own a beautiful new home in Dallas or Houston, we can help you accomplish your goal!


Top Five Holiday Light Tours in Houston

The holidays are a magical season in Houston. As you take the time to cherish all the little moments before they soon become memories, you can also experience a number of festive lights displays around Houston this holiday season.  Check out the following list of the Top Five Holiday Light Tours in Houston.

Houston Zoo Lights

Experience Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo as the zoo is transformed into a winter wonderland for its guests and animal inhabitants. Over two million lights will adorn the zoo grounds and enchant those who journey inside. Guests can enjoy a range of different sights from a giant holiday tree to an Enchanted Forest.

Hello, Trees: A Walking Serenade

Discovery Green is home to gorgeous century-old oak trees that will be surrounded in holiday cheer this season, both visually and sonically. Hello, Trees: A Walking Serenade is probably one of the most unique holiday light tours Houston has to offer this year. Montreal art collective Daily Tous Les Jours installed a series of holiday arches under the park’s live oak canopy with an input station at the end that guests can speak into to transform their voice messages to light patterns and music that travels along the arches. This display was inspired by the nonverbal cues that trees use to communicate.

Magical Winter Lights

Wish to escape to a land of holiday magic and enchantment? Look no further than the Magical Winter Lights at Greyhound Gulf Park in La Marque. Not only is this light festival the largest holiday light festival in the area, but it’s also the largest lantern festival of its kind to take place in the United States. Chinese lanterns are transformed into larger than life remakes of well-known landmarks, making it a festival like no other.

Sugar Land Holiday Lights

Spend the season among the sparkle and shine of the Sugar Land Holiday Lights. This showcase of lights takes places at Constellation Field and features 2.5 million lights and over 100 enchanting walkthrough displays. Food trucks, shopping, and children’s activities will also be present. Santa Claus will be in attendance, spreading holiday cheer every night until Christmas Eve, of course.

Mayor’s Holiday Celebration and Tree Lighting

Enjoy a Houston holiday tradition that has taken place for 98 years. On December 1, the Mayor’s Holiday Celebration and Tree Lighting will take place. This spectacular experience includes festive music, captivating fireworks, a visit from Santa, and much more. Not to mention the joy of getting to watch City Hall’s towering tree light up adorned in glowing lights, shimmering ornaments and a gorgeous tree topper. Make sure to bring an unwrapped toy to the Reliant booth for donation to the Salvation Army and receive a light-up Santa hat.

The holiday season has plenty of festive activities in Houston this year. What’s your favorite holiday tradition?


Top 5 Holiday Light Tours in Dallas

Have you made your holiday to-do list? Before finalizing plans, review our list of spectacular light tours taking place in the Dallas area this holiday season.

Prairie Lights

Drive into a holiday fantasy of dazzling lights and festive activities at Prairie Lights presented by Grand Prairie Parks, Arts and Recreation. Prairie Lights has always amazed audiences with over four million lights, but this year will feature hundreds of new designs in shapes of all sizes. Not to mention, half way through the drive, guests can exit their car to experience exciting activities under the giant holiday tent. Activities include, pictures with Santa, the Holiday Magic Lighted Walk-Through Forest, and a gift shop for some quick holiday shopping.

Fort Worth Gift of Lights

Give a magical holiday experience this year at the Gift of Lights tour at Texas Motor Speedway. Guests can experience the magic of the holidays while enjoying more than a million sparkling lights and 100 captivating displays all from the comfort of their own vehicle. Grand opening night will take place on November 29.

Enchant Christmas 2018

The wonder of the holiday season awaits at the world’s largest Christmas light maze and market, Enchant Christmas 2018. Lose yourself in holiday attraction and make cherished memories under the glow of millions of dazzling lights located at Globe Life Park in Arlington.

Holiday in the Park

How about an amusement park for the holidays? Six Flags Over Texas is decorating with more than a million lights for its annual Holiday in the Park celebration. Six Flags puts on five holiday shows, hosts toasty campfires, serves delicious hot cocoa and displays a huge festive tree. Not to mention, guests can also explore Santa Land and take pictures with the jolly old man himself.

Christmas Lights, Chocolate & Sips Tours

What could possibly be better than a holiday light tour? How about a light tour plus Chocolate? Now we’ve got your attention. Yes, a holiday weekend would not be complete without Christmas Lights, Chocolate & Sips Tours presented by Dallas by Chocolate Tours. Delight in scrumptious treats from premier local dessert venues before enjoying some of Dallas’ most spectacular light displays all from the comfort of a private heated motor coach. Tours will take place in Vitruvian Lights (Addison), Farmers Branch Historical Park, downtown Dallas and select homes in the Park Cities.

It’s easy to experience the magic of the holidays through enchanting lights around Dallas this season.

Lifestyle Tips

Top 5 Mudroom Organization Tips

When guests enter your home, the mudroom sets the tone for what they expect to see in the rest of your house. With that in mind, Darling Homes is helping you set the stage for great first impressions with our set of tips for beautiful, well-organized mudrooms.

Mudroom Lockers

In order to keep backpacks, raincoats, and shoes in check, Mudroom lockers are ideal. Separating each family member’s items into their own space will help keep everything together so misplacing items can be avoided. Darling Homes’ built-in mudrooms do just that with divided spaces that can be used by the homeowners, kids, or a combination of both, providing everyone their own space to place their things when they enter the home.

Utilize Baskets

Organizing smaller items like hats, key rings, sunglasses and even shoes is a great way to keep everyday items handy when it’s time to leave for the office or take the kids to school and can be easily done with attractive baskets, bins or boxes. Choose ones that complement the look of your decor for space that goes relatively unnoticed by guests.

You can separate items by bin or assign a bin to each member of the household to store their own items. Whichever you prefer, you can’t go wrong with this easy storage tip.

Mudroom Benches

Sometimes putting on your shoes in the mornings isn’t the easiest job and taking them off can be even harder, especially if you want to avoid tracking in mud and dirt. Having a bench in your mudroom is more than ideal. Luckily, Darling Homes includes mudroom benches in your built-ins to make changing shoes easy.

Umbrella Storage

Using a tall planting pot as a place for storage in your mudroom is more useful than it seems. Umbrellas, canes, and even baseball bats and golf clubs can easily be stored and help keep your space neat and tidy.

Vertical Hat Rack

Oftentimes, vertical storage is overlooked but helps to organize numerous items using minimal amounts of space. You can use stylish hooks or vertical racks to hang hats, jackets, raincoats, umbrellas and even dog leashes. The more organized the better. After all, your mudroom isn’t just a place to keep things, it’s there to help you stay organized so outings and trips become an easier part of your daily routine.

No matter how you choose to organize your mudroom, Darling Homes Houston and Darling Homes Dallas offer homes with attractive and sensible mudroom designs built to help you keep your home organized and tidy every day of the year.


Seasonal Fun in Houston and Dallas

Each year, the holiday season draws families and friends closer together. This holiday season spend time with loved ones while creating holiday crafts and delicious treats everyone will enjoy. While you’re at it, take the time to make the season that much more festive with a night out to enjoy a show or one of the many light displays in Houston and Dallas. Here are some of our favorite activities for the season.

Nutcracker Ballet

What can be more festive for the holiday season than The Nutcracker? Tchaikovsky’s classic follows the dream of young Clara and her Nutcracker Prince. Enjoy this holiday classic at the Wortham Theater in Houston by choreographer Stanton Welch from November 23 through December 29. In Dallas, The Nutcracker is being performed by the Dallas Ballet Company at the Granville Arts Center.

Newman Family Holiday Cookie Recipe

A special occasion like the holidays calls for a special recipe.

For the Newman family, the namesakes of our Newman Village in Frisco, each special day is filled with homemade dishes and recipes passed down from generation to generation.

For years, the Newman family has used this homemade holiday cookie decorating recipe for the holidays.


Mix and sift flour, soda and salt, then set aside. Cream butter. Add sugar gradually and cream until fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time; beat well after each addition. Add extracts and mix. Add sifted ingredients gradually and mix. Tint dough with food coloring as desired. Chill. Roll about 3/8-inch thick on floured board. Cut out desired shapes. Bake on ungreased cookie sheets in oven at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes. Frost and decorate cooled cookies. Approximate yield: 2 1/2 dozen.


  • 4 1/2 cups of sifted flour
  • 1/2 tsp. baking soda
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1 cup butter
  • 1 1/2 cups of sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2 tsp. almond extract
  • Food coloring if desired


Place sugar into mixing bowl. Combine milk, corn syrup, vanilla, almond and blend. Add liquid mixture to powdered sugar and mix thoroughly. If it’s too thick, add a tad more corn syrup. Divide frosting into several cups and add food coloring to each. If using liquid coloring, add a little more powdered sugar until it reaches good spreading consistency. Dip cookie or spread the icing onto cookie with knife. Icing may also be piped on with an icing bag and tip. Decorate with sprinkles or colored sugars. Allow cookies to dry. Enjoy!


  • 1 3/4 cups pf confectioners’ sugar
  • 2 tsp. milk
  • 2 tsp. light corn syrup
  • 1/4 tsp. vanilla
  • 1/4 tsp. almond extract

Sugar Land Holiday Lights

Spend the season among the sparkle and shine of the Sugar Land Holiday Lights. This showcase of lights takes places at Constellation Field and features 2.5 million lights and over 100 enchanting walkthrough displays. Food trucks, shopping, and children’s activities will also be present. Santa Claus will be in attendance, spreading holiday cheer every night until Christmas Eve, of course.

Looking for more seasonal inspiration? Check out Darling Homes’ Pinterest boards for additional holiday ideas that will help you celebrate the season.


Tips for Building a New Home with Darling

Your home is a reflection of who you are and what your life means to you. A new home is your chance to create the perfect space for you and your family. It’s a chance to create a lasting memory for all who visit or live in it. But getting to that point can sometimes seem daunting. Where do you start? What are your choices?

If you’re building your new home with one of Texas’ most recognized brands, Darling Homes, then you’re in good hands. With more than three decades of building experience and some of the industry’s most innovative plans, a Darling home can be everything you long for your dream home to be.

Thoughtful Designs Abound

Darling has carefully crafted collections of home designs that cater to the needs and desires of homebuyers. Their style is unforgettable, and the features offered demonstrate the care and thought that’s gone into each plan.

The building professionals at Darling have taken the time to get to know what homebuyers are looking for in their next home and they’ve taken the time to incorporate those design attributes that set their homes apart.

Getting Started

There are several things to think about when buying a new home: Where do you spend most of your time in your home? Where do you want to live? How important is entertaining space? Are you looking for a move-in ready, showcase home or do you want to personalize it with your own design selections?

Each Darling Homes community in Dallas and Houston is staffed by experienced community sales managers that can help you pour over those decisions and arrive at the best plan of action for your new home purchase.

They can help you select the best homesite, point out available structural options for your new home and guide you through the build process to make sure your needs are met each step of the way.

Designing Your Dream Home

The Darling team of design professionals help make your dream a reality, by assisting you with options for finishes, fixtures, paint colors and more. They’re available to guide your selections and help you arrive at a cohesive design plan for your home. Will that wood flooring look best in the kitchen? What color should the cabinets be? Does the main living space mesh with the colors and finishes chosen for the master suite? Darling’s design team can answer those questions and many more. They’re available to give your home the look you’ve dreamt of owning.

What About Home Construction?

If you’ve chosen to build a new home from the ground up with Darling, you’ll have a front-row seat to the level of professionalism and coordination that the builder employs to make each new home build as smooth as possible.

Home construction begins once all selections have been made and a personalized meeting with the construction superintendent has been completed. Once construction starts, your community sales manager and construction superintendent will communicate often to ensure that your home meets expectation.

Bringing it Home

Darling strives to provide the best customer service possible. Communicating on a regular basis with your community sales manager helps ensure that your expectations are understood, and the building schedule is met. The Darling Homes team prides itself on being available to answer your questions – and all of your questions – throughout the build and beyond.

Whatever home or community you choose, rest assured that members of the Darling Homes team are available every step of the way. After all, you’ve chosen a homebuilder with a legacy of creating homes that offer the utmost in quality and design. There’s a reason it’s called the Darling Difference.

Darling Difference

Find Your New Darling Home Without the Wait

Are you in the market for a new home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? Want a new home without the wait? Discover the new homes now available for quick-move-in with Darling Homes’ selection of inventory homes in must-see communities throughout Dallas- Fort Worth.

With Darling Homes, you’ll explore unique floor plans designed around the way you live, authentic architectural details, and distinctive design elements that make up the Darling Difference, an ideal blend of superior craftsmanship and luxurious livability.

What are the Benefits of Purchasing an Inventory Home from Darling Homes?

Choosing to buy an inventory or showcase home can speed up the home buying process. How? Let us show you:

  • Your New Home is Already Customized: Showcase homes are built with today’s trends and buyer’s needs in mind. That means you’re getting a home already designed with the latest features, fixtures and finishes included.
  • Your New Home is Right in Front of You: When you decide to purchase an inventory home, you’ll be able to tour a variety of homes that are available in the community of your choice. Design features are already included so the price you see is the actual price of the home.
  • Quick Move-In: Most inventory homes are already move-in ready so you can begin your next chapter in your beautiful Darling home as soon as you’d like.

Desirable Communities in Dallas

Inventory homes are offered by Darling Homes in a variety of communities throughout the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. With new homes in Frisco at communities like Edgestone at Legacy and new homes in Prosper in communities like Windsong Ranch, there are plenty of diverse home styles and community amenities to choose from. Take a closer look at what some of these communities have to offer below.

Edgestone at Legacy: This master-planned community is located in Frisco, ranked No. 1 in Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live in America” for 2018. Boasting pocket parks and miles of lush landscaping, the 307-acre Edgestone at Legacy features an upscale community clubhouse and swimming pool, fitness center, as well as a pond, trails and playgrounds to create the luxury lifestyle you’ve been seeking. Homes in this community include open-concept living and entertaining spaces, hearth rooms, sweeping entrances and balconies that radiate with old-world charm.

Edgestone at Legacy is also conveniently located just west of the Dallas North Tollway and north of Legacy, providing an easy commute to major employment centers, excellent dining, shopping and entertainment venues.

The Tribute Somerset: Located in The Colony, Texas, this master-planned community offers resort style amenities as well as two award-winning golf courses. The Tribute is situated just minutes from the Dallas North Tollway and State Hwy 121, providing convenient commuter access to major employment centers, Downtown Dallas, DFW Airport and excellent schools within Little Elm ISD, including the prestigious, on-site Prestwick STEM Academy. There are four beautiful move-in ready inventory homes available in this community.

Bering Heights at Parkside: Limited new home opportunities exist at this beautiful Irving community. Parkside features an upscale amenities package including a series of lakes and pocket parks for hiking, biking and recreation. With more than fourmiles of wildflower-lined trails through greenbelts, along ponds and over waterways, the community is exactly where you’d expect to find beautiful Darling Homes opportunities. Find your new home in Irving today.

Windsong Ranch: This beautiful Prosper master-planned community offers two Darling Homes collections, both with limited opportunities remaining. It’s easy to see why Windsong Ranch is a popular destination for Dallas homebuyers. If you’re looking for a new home in Prosper, this community is hard to resist. Unparalleled amenities and more than 600 acres of natural and improved green space, Windsong Ranch puts a focus on lifestyle living. . There’s convenient access to DFW and Love Field Airports via the Tollway and Highway 121 and the area is served by highly regarded Prosper ISD schools.

Spicewood at Craig Ranch: If you love McKinney, another Money Magazine “Best Places to Live in America” city, then you’ll adore Spicewood at Craig Ranch, an intimate collection of homes that gives residents everything from winding creekside trails to state-of-the-art sport and fitness facilities, including baseball and soccer fields, an ice rink, a five-star TPC golf course, beach sand courts, and even a spa. With luxury home plans that demand less attention and award-winning community amenities, you’ll get the active lifestyle you desire without sacrificing the luxury and quality you deserve at Spicewood at Craig Ranch. But you have to hurry. Only the model remains!

Wherever you choose to live, it’s nice knowing there’s a Darling home community nearby. And with the current selection of showcase homes available for purchase, maybe you’ll find the home you’ve been dreaming of available for quick move-in!