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Tips for Building a New Home with Darling

Your home is a reflection of who you are and what your life means to you. A new home is your chance to create the perfect space for you and your family. It’s a chance to create a lasting memory for all who visit or live in it. But getting to that point can sometimes seem daunting. Where do you start? What are your choices?

If you’re building your new home with one of Texas’ most recognized brands, Darling Homes, then you’re in good hands. With more than three decades of building experience and some of the industry’s most innovative plans, a Darling home can be everything you long for your dream home to be.

Thoughtful Designs Abound

Darling has carefully crafted collections of home designs that cater to the needs and desires of homebuyers. Their style is unforgettable, and the features offered demonstrate the care and thought that’s gone into each plan.

The building professionals at Darling have taken the time to get to know what homebuyers are looking for in their next home and they’ve taken the time to incorporate those design attributes that set their homes apart.

Getting Started

There are several things to think about when buying a new home: Where do you spend most of your time in your home? Where do you want to live? How important is entertaining space? Are you looking for a move-in ready, showcase home or do you want to personalize it with your own design selections?

Each Darling Homes community in Dallas and Houston is staffed by experienced community sales managers that can help you pour over those decisions and arrive at the best plan of action for your new home purchase.

They can help you select the best homesite, point out available structural options for your new home and guide you through the build process to make sure your needs are met each step of the way.

Designing Your Dream Home

The Darling team of design professionals help make your dream a reality, by assisting you with options for finishes, fixtures, paint colors and more. They’re available to guide your selections and help you arrive at a cohesive design plan for your home. Will that wood flooring look best in the kitchen? What color should the cabinets be? Does the main living space mesh with the colors and finishes chosen for the master suite? Darling’s design team can answer those questions and many more. They’re available to give your home the look you’ve dreamt of owning.

What About Home Construction?

If you’ve chosen to build a new home from the ground up with Darling, you’ll have a front-row seat to the level of professionalism and coordination that the builder employs to make each new home build as smooth as possible.

Home construction begins once all selections have been made and a personalized meeting with the construction superintendent has been completed. Once construction starts, your community sales manager and construction superintendent will communicate often to ensure that your home meets expectation.

Bringing it Home

Darling strives to provide the best customer service possible. Communicating on a regular basis with your community sales manager helps ensure that your expectations are understood, and the building schedule is met. The Darling Homes team prides itself on being available to answer your questions – and all of your questions – throughout the build and beyond.

Whatever home or community you choose, rest assured that members of the Darling Homes team are available every step of the way. After all, you’ve chosen a homebuilder with a legacy of creating homes that offer the utmost in quality and design. There’s a reason it’s called the Darling Difference.


Unique Features Available in Darling Homes

Darling Homes is known for leaving a lasting impression in Dallas and Houston communities with highly rated locations, sophisticated plan designs and a commitment to providing the best in customer service. Whether you tour a model, purchase a home or are involved in the real estate business, Darling homes are simply unforgettable.

The high level of architectural authenticity and thoughtfully-designed transitions throughout make these distinctive designs easy to personalize and a pleasure to call home.

The Art of Living

Before construction begins, an entire team of homebuilding experts goes to work to ensure the home is built with the architectural touches that make Darling Homes unique. Design elements that demonstrate the art of living inside Darling homes include:

  • Terminating views, where carefully designed rooms ensure privacy outside of the main living areas
  • Thoughtful transition spaces, leaving room to breathe and move between rooms comfortably
  • Understanding the homebuyer. Darling homes are built in a wide variety of designs to meet the needs and desires of customers, no matter what their stage of life
  • Intimate volume, where varying ceiling heights create a peaceful, quiet atmosphere

Innovative Product

Darling Homes is consistently adding new communities, floor plan designs and flexible options to meet the needs of homebuyers in Texas. In every home that Darling builds, the design is executed with intentional care to help build the next chapter of the owner’s life.

Innovative Darling Homes’ designs include features such as:

  • The Darling Loop: This signature piece connects the master closet to the utility room in select homes, giving you unparalleled access to laundry for ease of housekeeping.
  • Views of the backyard, open living spaces in the heart of the home and lofty living areas in many two-story designs create connected and vibrant atmosphere.
  • Flexibility and functionality. Darling Design Galleries allow homebuyers to choose their ideal finishes.
  • Kitchens that make use of the work triangle in the kitchen between the sink, pantry and fridge boost maximum productivity.
  • Mud lockers available in select homes for extra organization.

Each Darling home design offers unique options from outdoor fireplaces and three-car garages to bay windows and downstairs media rooms. Ask us how you can personalize your dream home!

Uniquely Yours

Darling Homes puts an emphasis on personalization to create a home that is uniquely yours. Every step of the way, from your first model home tour to receiving the keys to your dream home, there are homebuilding experts available to help create the home you’ve always wanted. Each home helps resident connect to each other and to the community, molding an atmosphere that feels comfortable from the moment you walk through the door.

Want more information on how to create your personalized dream home with Darling Homes? Please visit to learn more about the Darling Difference.


Prepping your Texas Home for the Holidays

Darling Homes are created with distinctive dining areas, perfect for hosting elegant dinner parties or gathering loved ones for special occasions. Now that the holiday season is just around the corner, it’s time to get your Darling home in Dallas or Houston ready to host the holidays!


No matter which holidays you celebrate – or if you just enjoy reuniting with loved ones as the year winds down – decorations can bring in hints of the season and make your home feel cozy and warm. From door wreaths to wall hangings and tablescapes to throw pillows, it’s simple to change out décor to reflect the holidays from Halloween to the New Year.

Need ideas for inspiration? Check out the Darling Homes’ Pinterest board for all things holiday-related, including ideas for:

  • Themed wreaths
  • Mantle decorations
  • Centerpieces
  • Front porch decorations
  • Candle holders and more!

Guest Rooms

If you’re hosting your loved ones this holiday season, don’t worry – Darling Homes’ designs incorporate ample room in the common spaces for entertainment, while simultaneously providing homeowners with intentional privacy in master suites, guest suites and other bedrooms.

To make sure your guests are comfortable, take advice from Lee Crowder, Darling Homes’ Design Gallery and Model Home Branding Manager, on what creates the ideal guest space. Consider building a coffee or tea bar, giving visitors easy access and instructions to the WiFi and TV, and adding a basket filled with toiletries and other small necessities to ensure guests feel well-taken care of during their stay.

Set the Menu

When you’re preparing to host a holiday meal, consider asking guests for their dietary needs. Incorporating vegetarian or gluten-free options for guests with restricted diets can help everyone enjoy their holiday. Each holiday occasion is defined by different specialties, such as turkey or pie on Thanksgiving, but creating the ideal menu has never been easier. Darling Homes has compiled Pinterest boards for Delicious Dining and Thanksgiving Recipes to help you prepare to whip up a feast!

Some favorite recipe ideas include:

  • Maple Dijon roasted carrots
  • Savory pumpkin soup with chopped pecans
  • Roasted fall vegetables
  • Garlic green beans
  • Bacon wrapped asparagus… and many more!

Seasonal décor, thoughtful menu selections and everything in between can help create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere while you host the holidays and build treasured memories with loved ones year after year.


Creating a Child’s Dream Room

A child’s bedroom is a place to play, imagine new worlds, explore creativity and grow. With Darling Homes, it’s easy to help your child create their own sanctuary in Houston or Dallas.

When it comes to creating the ideal space for children of any age, Lee Crowder, Darling Homes’ Design Gallery and Model Home Branding Manager, recommends letting kids express themselves in their bedroom.

“Let them get involved!” Crowder said. “Take them to pick out paint colors, wall art, bedding. Make it a fun adventure that lets them show off their style.”

Crowder said the key to designing any child’s room is to start with a well-crafted, high-quality bed that can last through the child’s years living at home – and beyond.

“Buy a bed that stands the test of time, something that has a simple, pleasing design,” Crowder said. “Buy a bed that is a nice, beautiful piece of furniture so that the child can then take it as part of their furniture when they move out.”

Crowder advises parents and guardians to let kids have fun with colorful paint, wallpaper, bedding and decor. Focal points such as an accent wall, gallery of photos, trophy collections, monogrammed names and more can help transform a normal bedroom into a child’s dream room.

“Let the kids have rooms that don’t match the rest of the house, to be their place and their safe haven. Wallpaper, paint and decor is all easy to redecorate later,” Crowder said.

When it comes to furniture, Crowder has some recommendations of what make the ideal bedroom. Her list of must-haves includes:

  • Bed with a high-quality mattress
  • Desk
  • Large dresser
  • Nightstands
  • Comfortable chair

The comfortable chair and desk can be used for a reading nook, homework space or a place to relax, unwind and play games.

The way furniture is positioned in a room can open it up as well. Getting a full-size bed or a day bed and pushing it up against the wall opens up floor space for an active child and placing a dresser inside a closet can offer opportunities for desks and other items in a bedroom without making the room feel crowded.

“Focus on personalization,” Crowder said. “That’s the most important part of designing a child’s bedroom. From there, it’s easy to adapt as the kids change and grow.”

At Home Design

Creating the Perfect Guest Space in your Home

Now that you’ve found your Darling Homes dream home in Houston or Dallas, it’s time to create a space for visitors. From selecting a room to choosing decor and accessories, creating the ideal guest space takes careful selection and thoughtful touches.

Lee Crowder, Design Gallery and Model Home Branding Manager for Darling Homes, offered her advice to help create an impeccable space for visitors. In Darling Homes’ designs, certain plans include guest casitas or secondary suites, providing a set space for guests to reside.

In homes without a space created specifically for guests, Crowder recommends selecting a room for visitors away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the home. Choosing a bedroom away from children’s rooms or media and flex rooms can help to create a feeling of privacy within the home.

Crowder recommends putting in a queen size bed. “Make sure it’s soft and comfortable, with good linens and a beautiful throw available – prepare for a range of temperatures so your guests always feels at ease in the room,” Crowder said.

Key furniture pieces must include a place for storage – chairs, nightstands, dressers or benches can create space for guests to place their luggage or clothing to make themselves feel more comfortable.

“Know your guests’ needs. Do they take coffee or tea? Adding a coffee bar or an electric kettle can go a long way,” Crowder said, noting that leaving a basket of important items is a key element to crafting the perfect guest room.

A basket with snacks, small toiletries, spare toothbrushes, fresh towels and other items you think guests may need is a way to help them settle into the space and ensure they will be taken care of during their stay.

“It’s about creating a welcoming environment,” Crowder said. “Fresh flowers are a nice touch, and make sure to include the information for the WiFi, how to work the TV, and any other information your visitors may need.”

Crowder also recommends continuing the themes, color and decor that exist throughout the rest of your home. Consider the guest suite to be additional space to display your personality in your Darling home.

What makes you feel at home? When planning a space for visitors, think about what makes you feel at ease and incorporate those elements into your guest room.


Darling Difference Design

Organizing your Darling Homes Kitchen

With Darling Homes, your kitchen is built for efficiency from the start with a distinctively designed work triangle comprised of the fridge, sink and cooktop. This ensures everything is within reach from preparation, to cooking and cleaning.

This leading Texas homebuilder helps homeowners create a kitchen meant for everyday use by offering upgrades that help with organization, including silverware and knife drawers, trash pull-outs, wine glass and bottle storage and the choice to have pull-out drawers instead of shelves in bottom cabinets.  

After purchasing and personalizing your Darling Homes gourmet kitchen, it’s time to start filling your space with cooking gadgets, cookbooks, pots and pans.

While moving in, it’s important to consider which items are most useful in your everyday life, from pots and pans, to dishware and food storage containers. These heavily-used objects are best kept within the cabinets closest to the work triangle.

Use this method throughout the kitchen, with frequently used items close at hand and lesser used objects further away to help create a natural flow for cooking new recipes and cleaning up. For example, keep plates, cups, mugs, utensils and other everyday tableware near the stovetop, fridge and dishwasher.

For essentials, such as coffee, tea, sugar and flour, find chic countertop or pantry containers with easy-access lids to help cut down on prep time and provide stylish storage space.

For larger utensils, such as spatulas, whisks and more, a countertop storage unit or designated drawer can provide ample space and store various sizes of items conveniently. Shelf organizers, spice racks and knife blocks help keep different kitchen necessities separate but easy to access for food preparation.

Real Simple magazine lists other tips and tricks to adopt for kitchen organization, like dividing drawers, using trendy baskets for additional storage, and keeping your countertops clear by hanging paper lists and calendars on the wall.

After moving in to your Darling dream home, how will you organize your kitchen for culinary success?


New Elevations Bring Fresh Charm to Darling Homes

Darling Homes continually strives to bring its customers the best in quality-crafted houses in Dallas and Houston. Over the last 30 years, offering fresh home designs in a variety of new communities has allowed Darling Homes to continually meet the needs of today’s discerning homebuyers.

Elevations are key elements to providing customers with distinctive curb appeal that leaves a lingering impression before you walk through the door. This year, new exterior design styles will be incorporated into Darling Homes communities in Houston and Dallas. The styles will broaden curb appeal for Texas homebuyers. A range of exterior styles gives customers the ability to truly craft their dream home with Darling Homes, inside and out.

Recently, several elevations have been introduced in Houston to bring a wider range of exterior options. One of these styles stepping up the curb appeal is a new modern elevation, and it can be found at The Woodlands Cassena Grove and Avalon at Sienna Plantation in the Villa Collection opening in early 2018. Both of these are in the Houston area, bringing in an alternative front for shoppers to select.

In Dallas, several up-and-coming communities are adding fresh elevations. Estates at Shaddock Park in Frisco just debuted its first Darling Homes models, complete with range of choices for elevations like Traditional and Mediterranean. Stonegate, which will open later this year in Irving, will offer selections for a varied curb appeal as well.

In each Darling Homes community, a variety of exterior designs creates unique streetscapes filled with sophisticated, timeless style. Varying elevation styles and incorporating timeless designs provides customers with the home of their dreams in the location that best fits their lifestyle and desires.

*Artist rendering, not actual photograph.


Put Spring Into Your Home

Spring is in the air, and Darling Homes is ready to leap into the season with home decor and color palettes that include bright tones. Follow Darling Homes Houston or Darling Homes DFW on Pinterest for idea boards and inspiration to help decorate your home this spring.

Simple, sophisticated design can be found in every Darling home, and adding in a splash of energetic colors and patterns can help bring the feeling of spring into your home. Layering textures with a range of neutral tones, with color added in small doses, creates timeless design throughout the house.

Throw pillows, wall art and other home accent pieces such as vases or lamps provide the perfect opportunity to inject bold patterns, rich color and trendy decor. In addition to fun patterns, varied textures are popular in home decor this spring, and incorporating natural patterns in wallpapers is a positive way to bring texture to the walls in your home.

Spring color palettes are utilizing bold tones, ranging from happy yellows and exotic reds to energized blues and olive green. For a temporary change of scenery, you can add in these seasonal colors by accenting your existing furniture with a blanket or decorative pillow, using high-end materials and fabrics to create the best design possible. For a unique piece of art that pulls together your decor, add in a piece of canvas artwork curated to match your home’s color and design.

Metallics are also trending this spring, so don’t forget to utilize accent items with various metallic materials. Copper, brass and other metal tones make a great addition to any room in furniture or hardware and create good elements in a focal wall or a powder bath.

When thinking about the best way to style your Darling home, it’s time to think big. Having a few, larger furniture pieces and accessories is better for the interior design than adding in numerous small pieces.

No matter how you choose to express your personal style this spring, Darling Homes has a community and floorplan to help create you the perfect home that’s uniquely yours.


New Homes Coming Soon to Dallas and Houston

Darling Homes works year-round to bring quality-built homes and communities to the Dallas and Houston areas. Throughout the year, new opportunities in existing communities and brand-new communities bring Texas homebuyers unique chances to find the home of their dreams in the area of their dreams.


Coming soon to Allen, homebuyers will have a multitude of new opportunities to explore with the opening of Montgomery Farm Estates, offering 55’, 62’ and 90’ homesites, and Montgomery Farm Angel Field East, 31’ and 55’ homesites. Featuring several of Darling Homes’ prominent collections, including the Villa Collection, Founders Collection, Keystone Collection and more. The Montgomery Farm communities will be open in the first half of 2018. If it isn’t too salesy, we could add a final sentence about VIP lists are currently forming and if interested, contact Melissa Thompson or visit the website to sign up for information?

Stonegate, in Irving, is another community coming to the Dallas area in early 2018. Debuting a new lineup of luxury homes that will blend into the Founders Collection. Stonegate will also feature a community park and provide access to the highly-acclaimed schools in the Coppell Independent School District.

This fall, The Terraces at Las Colinas will open in Irving for Darling Homes shoppers. With winding trails and boardwalk bordering on green spaces and a ravine, this community will offer access to natural areas while staying close to an exciting urban atmosphere with nearby restaurants and shops.

For more information on Darling Homes in Dallas, please request information or call the Internet Home Consultant at 469-252-2255.


In the Cypress community of Bridgeland, a new village called Parkland Village recently opened and with it, Darling Homes’ new model in the Sanctuary Collection debuted.  With pocket parks, a lake system, grassy meadows and even a birding tower, Parkland Village was designed to feel connected to nature. Design options at Bridgeland in Parkland Village include a variety of 55’ homesites, and shoppers who come tour will be able to see modern elevation styles in Darling Homes’ model.

The Imperial community will debut new homes in Sugar Land in 2018, with both 30 and 65 homesites. Just 18 miles southwest of Houston, tree-lined boulevards, access to high-quality schools in Fort Bend ISD all make Imperial a desirable community. Darling homes at Imperial are in the Retreat Collection and the Villa Collection, with one- and two-story homes offering shoppers features including gourmet kitchens and beautiful courtyards.

Darling Homes Houston is also introducing new opportunities to own homes in Avalon at Sienna Plantation. This 10,000-acre, master-planned development is near the Galleria, Houston Hobby Airport and Texas Medical Center. Sienna Plantation also offers resort-style amenities and spacious recreation areas in a gorgeous, gated community. Darling Homes’ new opportunities at Sienna Plantation will feature upscale, luxury living in low-maintenance, two-story homes from the Villa Collection and the Retreat Collection.

For homebuyers in Dallas or Houston, Darling Homes has a wide array of options in current and coming soon communities to help every home shopper find the home and neighborhood that best fits their needs.


Embracing Texas-sized Living with Darling Homes

“Everything is bigger in Texas” is a phrase known around the world, but what does a Texas-sized living space actually mean for a homebuyer?

With Darling Homes, the difference is evident as soon as a homebuyer walks through the door. From start to finish, thoughtful transitions, terminating views and incredible details can make a Darling home unique and comfortable while providing an abundance of space.

In the main areas of a Darling home, shoppers will find a masterfully crafted living space unique to the overall design. From the foyers to the open doorways and spacious living areas, homebuyers have ample opportunities to find their dream home in Dallas or Houston.

Incredible great rooms often feature gorgeous beams on elevated ceilings, providing a sweeping, open feeling to the heart of the home. The kitchen is also in the central area of a Darling home, with distinctive cabinetry, islands and many designs featuring a work triangle to maximize nights cooking at home as well as entertainment space.

While Darling Homes puts great thought and care into transitions and the flow of all of its designs, the houses also come with a respect for privacy. An elegant, well-planned mix of privacy and open living area helps to create a welcoming atmosphere throughout.

With many homes featuring private master retreats, some designs also come with private guest casitas. With options such as private, intimate studies, media rooms or game rooms, there is plenty of room to gather loved ones or engage in separate activities.

Day after day, these impeccably crafted home designs give the homebuyer Texas-sized living. With room for lounging, hosting dinner parties, throwing a holiday soiree or simply finding room to work or relax, Darling Homes creates stunning homes with spacious living areas. With an award-winning multi-generational suite, Darling Homes focuses on achieving incredible designs with a space for each of your loved ones to feel comfortable.